Pioneers of Aviation

Is it due to the famous often sung about ” Berlin air”, that since hundreds of years myriads of aviation pioneers and later plane producing companies were attracted by Berlin:

like Otto Lilienthal, Hans Grade, Manfred von Richthofen, Melli Beese, Rumpler, Fokker or Luft Hansa AG, that was founded at the Hotel Kaiserhof in 1926?

Quite a few traces from those pioneer times still exist, some you will find in the popular travel guides, others are off the beaten track waiting to be recaptured by nature.

Points of Interest (choice of):

  • Windmill Hill Derwitz: Otto Lilienthal makes aviation history
  • “Airfield Johannisthal“: Germany´s first airport
  • “Military Airfield Döberitz“: nucleus of military aviation in the Emperor´s Reich
  • “Airfield Staaken“: Airship Station, Airbase
  • “Central Airport Tempelhof“: “Mother of all Airports”


+ certified tour guide
+ exclusive VW-Bus with AC
+ literature on board
+ cold beverages
+ length of the tour: five hours
+ private group up to six participants

price per group:

320,00 EUR (VAT included)

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