Border Regiment 44

The part of the Berlin Wall around Glienicke Bridge was the most difficult one for the GDR-border troops to surveil.

What you can admire nowadays as a wonderful landscape and UNESCO-site right next to the Havel-River, was a border area where people were shot at only because they wanted to leave the country to be free – between August 13th 1961 and autumn 1989. At least 140 men and women died at the 100 miles long Berlin Wall, every one one too much. The inhuman border system of concrete walls, fences, partly electrified, and watchtowers is all gone, but there are some traces left I would like to show you on our tour back to the times when Germany was divided into two countries and families and friends were separated.

Points of Interest (choice of):

  • Babelsberg Park: Steam Engine House
  • Sacrow Park: Church of the Savior
  • New Garden: Feudal Estate
  • Kampffmeyer Villa: “Section Passport Inspection Berlin”
  • Glienicke Bridge: the “Bridge of Unity” as symbol of the German separation
  • Babelsberg-Strait
  • Border Crossing Point Nedlitz/Bertini-Strait
  • Klein Glienicke: Exklave of the GDR, Special Security Zone, “appendix of the GDR”


+ certified tour guide
+ exclusive VW-Bus with AC
+ literature on board
+ cold beverages
+ length of the tour: five hours
+ private group up to six participants

price per group:

300,00 EUR (VAT included)

If you have any further questions, feel free to call me up under +49 172 247 30 87 or fill in the follwing information request

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