Olympic Games 1936

The Olympic Games in Berlin were unique not only in athletic aspects.

The Reich Sport Field was considered the largest sport field in the world, for the first time the athlets – males and femals separated – were accomodated in a sustainable olympic village. TV and radio broadcasted live, “public viewing” was born. Unprecedented, the Nazis misused sport for their ideological purpose. The Olympic Games of 1936 were a huge “Nuremberg Rally with international participants“.

Points of Interest (choice of):

  • “Reich Sport Field“: huge compound preserved almost in original condition of 1936
  • “Olympic Stadium“: Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was responsible for the name change from “German Arena” to “Olympic Stadium”
  • “Olympic Village“: 112 miles from the Reich Sport Field male athlets were accomodated here


+ certified tour guide
+ exclusive VW-Bus with AC
+ literature on board
+ cold beverages
+ length of the tour: five hours
+ private group up to six participants
+ admission fee stadium not included

price per group:

300,00 EUR (VAT included)

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