Brandenburg at the Havel-River

Renaissance par excellence in the romantic water-city

The Brandenburg gates in Berlin and Potsdam show the 65 miles long way to the city, in which the Havel-River branches out into billabongs and canals. In late-medieval times Brandenburg at the Havel-River as capital of the margravate Brandenburg, as bishop´s see and as long-distance trading city was THE center beween Elbe-and Oder-River. In contrast to Barock-Potsdam here you can discover even an older period: quite a few well-preserved edifices from the Renaissance-period witness the wealth of the former Hanse town. Actually, Brandenburg at the Havel-River consists of three cities: dome isle, historic district and new town. Brandenburg at the Havel-River is one of only a few cities mit a double-emblem. More than 50 percent of the old city wall with their huge gatetowers still exist.

Points of Interest (choice of):

  • “Hohenzollern Stone” near Brandenburg at the Havel-River
  • dome isle with Cathedral St. Peter and Paul
  • City Hall of the historc district with Roland-statue
  • Stone Gate Tower, Mill Gate Tower, Rathenow Gate Tower, Plauen Gate Tower
  • Baldcypresses Boulevard: the largest in Europe, natural landmark


+ certified tour guide
+ exclusive VW-Bus with AC
+ literature on board
+ cold beverages
+ length of the tour: five hours
+ private group up to six participants

price per group:

320,00 EUR (VAT included)

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