Under the Red Star

During Sowjet occupation Potsdam was an outstanding garrison town. More than 50.000 sowjet soldiers and civilians lived here in barracks and in about 30 so-called military stations within the city-limits of Potsdam.

In 1945, the Sowjets chose Cecilienhof Palace as the location for the “Tripartite Conference of Berlin”, then renamed into “Potsdam Conference”. Months later, the Sowjet Military Intelligence established in the very neighborhood a mysterious military station: the so-called “Forbidden City” with a notorious remand prison. All over Potsdam you can discover traces of a time that today seems so unreal.

Points of Interest (choice of):

  • official residence of the first Sowjet commandant of Potsdam
  • garrison sickbay
  • Sowjet prison Lindenstraße 54
  • HQ High Command Sowjet Armed Forces in Germany, Babelsberg
  • Cecilienhof Palace: location of the Potsdam Conference
  • “Forbidden City” with remand prison


+ certified tour guide
+ exclusive VW-Bus with AC
+ literature on board
+ cold beverages
+ length of the tour: five hours
+ private group up to six participants

price per group:

300,00 EUR (VAT included)

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